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iLearn Education Global

iLearn has created a cloud based fully online learning environment that students of all ages can come to study with fully qualified, native English speaker. CEFR guided custom-made lessons ensures students will have a great time learning while being able to touch on a broad variety of topics and being exposed to a global learning experience. iLearn is proud to be officially launching their website by the beginning of February 2022.


Galaxy Kids

Galaxy Kids is a fun Chinese learning mobile app for children 3- 8 years old capable of providing pronunciation and speaking scores, detecting mistakes, and correcting words and sentences with AI technology. Children will learn to speak 1,000+ words in 50+ topics from 400+ interactive lessons and 2,000+ engaging activities. Now, it’s possible for any child to learn Chinese anywhere, anytime.

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EduSpark is a Complete Professional Learning Platform for Educators and their Schools. Built by Educators for Educators, Eduspark offers high-impact courses curated from the best educational minds in the world. They do this by focussing on the transfer of learning effort into visible growth. EduSpark provides certification, synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, rich data insights and a community of practice to grow and develop in. Trusted by leading international schools such as NIST, SSIS, ISHCMC, EABDF and many more, EduSpark is the place to grow your Professional Learning Program.

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At, we help companies succeed by focusing on cultural and behavioral change using real-time measurement and people analytics. Happily is a one-of-a-kind platform that drives unprecedented feedback, recognition, insights, coaching, and more. Visit our website to learn more, request a demo, and be on your way to activating your talent.

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EQ for kidz aims to cultivate emotional and social intelligence skills during children’s primary developmental ages of 4 – 12 years old, when it matters most. Our founder, Susanna, offers professional coaching services through unique, comprehensive, and customized programs designed to meet specific areas of need for children and parents. If you're curious to learn more, she offers FREE consultation sessions for families. You can schedule yours here: 


For schools, Susanna provides parent workshops on important EQ topics, such as growth mindset, anger management, and effective communication skills. 

EQ for kidz supports parents and their children to CONNECT, EMPOWER, and THRIVE!

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