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Our Goal is Your Success 


Success for Schools provides international and bilingual schools with a wide variety of available services. We offer knowledgeable support and innovative solutions to the issues and challenges your school is facing.

Success for Schools specializes in:

  • Teacher Recruitment

  • Student Recruitment

  • Success Teaching

  • Success Leadership

  • School Individualization 

  • Ideation & Design Thinking  

  • Strategic Planning for Growth and Development

Success Stories

Success for Schools is ready to help you achieve your goals. Read and share stories of how Success for Schools has helped organizations develop and succeed. 

Read about:

- Surat Thani International School

- Super English Language School

- Thidamaepra English Program

- iLearn Education

- Galaxy Kids

More coming soon!

Our Team

Get to know our team of amazing educators and discover their accomplishments, skills, and how we can bring success to your school.

Coming soon!


About Success for Schools

Success for Schools was started by Peter C. Meltzer, the founder of Surat Thani International School and Super English Language School. Peter has over 20 years of experience in the classroom teaching students of all ages and ability levels. He also has over 17 years of school leadership experience, including teacher recruitment, training, and coaching. 

Peter has achieved strong success throughout his time in education and school leadership. In addition to building Surat Thani International School and Super English Language School from the ground up, he has also worked closely with many Thai schools and started several English Programs at Thidamaepra school in Surat Thani. 

Peter holds a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School. He also holds certifications from the Compassionate Leadership Academy and International School Leadership.



"Peter has this incredible ability to navigate complexity with clarity and thoughtfulness. He is empathetic, patient, and generous with his attention. To say that he goes out of his way to help is an understatement; he finds a way to contribute beyond your expectations. He is the embodiment of under-promise and over-deliver! All the qualities that make an exceptional educator are what make him an invaluable partner and an inspiration to work with."

Tareef Jafferi

Founder & CEO,

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